Damn Heroes

Damn Heroes is a weekly webcomic I've been working on for years. It's actually one of the first projects I started that made me feel like a real cartoonist. I've been publishing it for nearly 8 years without missing a single deadline.

It's an achievement I'm very proud of.

Damn Heroes | You might be a Targaryen
Originally, I started doing this comic strip on Bristol Art Boards with pen and ink, then I'd digitally color them on a computer. The first lesson I learned was that I should NOT try to hand letter my art.
Eventually, I found the scanning process tedious and decided to move to a 100% digital process. I started drawing "pencils" using Procreate on my iPad, and then I would hand draw each pane as an individual file to maximize the amount of layers I could get out of Procreate. I'd then combine all the frames using Clip Studio and letter them digitally.

Damn Heroes | Why go high when you can go low?

Now, my process has become more streamlined. I'm drawing everything 100% vector using Affinity Designer, either on my iPad Pro or my desktop iMac. I can easily transfer files back and forth as I please, since I sometimes draw while commuting to the office, or just laying on my couch. Plus Affinity allows me the option to reuse recurring assets like my characters, but make changes to poses quicker and more efficiently.
Feel free to click on one of the strips above and read Damn Heroes.
If you're interested, I have three books on Amazon:
Damn Heroes: The First One
Damn Heroes: The Next One
Damn Heroes: The Third Movement