Art of ASAP

Illustrator | Cartoonist | Writer

Alexander Sapountzis is a writer and illustrator based in Jersey City, NJ.

He is a co-founder of Wayward Raven Media and co-creator of Damn Heroes

He is known to derail podcasts and is partial to pizza.

You have been warned.

I make comics too!

I've been drawing and doodling since childhood, but I've always considered myself a storyteller by nature. Besides fan art, I've also worked on some interesting comic projects.

For nearly a decade, I've been the illustrator and co-writer of Damn Heroes, a weekly webcomic about the misery of being the only normal human in a town full of super-heroes.

I've also collaborated on some other comic projects and have done a cover for inFusion, a sci-fi one shot written by Joshua L.A. Jones.

Fan Art

My inspiration comes from a lot of places but mostly comics, movies and cartoons.

As someone who was self-taught, I felt that I would need a way to set myself apart from other artists with more traditional art education, so I settled on comedy and mash ups.

I often would try to find a more humorous approach to my art, often using parody a light-hearted approach to my work.

Over time, I felt that I had developed a greater set of skills and felt more comfortable creating more serious pieces.

i started studying anatomy and paying more attention to the little details rather than using my "minds eye" to guess what I was drawing.

Honestly, I finally found what my art had been missing and began using more reference material and life drawing.

However, I still strive to keep things whimsical and can't take myself too seriously.

Life should be fun. Live a 'lil.


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