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Hey True believers!

As we’re in the fall, and Winter Is Coming, I’m starting to dig through old stuff to see what I can purge. While looking through some old stuff, I’ve started to find some of my smaller prints and well, I’m going to get rid of them.

Be sure to head over to my etsy page, and see what I’ve got for sale.

Use coupon code SHIPIT for free domestic shipping, by the way. It’ll save you some money.

D&D Family

A commission requested by a friend of a friend. This is a family who plays D&D together and the father asked me to draw him, his wife and sons as their current characters.

  • The father is a Hill Dwarf, with a bad ass throwing hammer.
  • The wife is an Elven Bard with some foppish fashion sense, and a love of lavender.
  • One son is a Dragon blood sorcerer whose a bit of a trickster and a red long coat.
  • The other son is just a half-elf ranger with a loyal rottweiler companion.

Adventures in Unemployment – webcomic

So I’ve recently lost my day job. It sucks and I’m honestly going to miss my coworkers. They’re a great bunch of people.

One of them joked about making a webcomic about being unemployed but I had to admit, the idea was kind of interesting.

I sketched out a few ideas based on my recent experience and thoughts and decided to publish them through some webcomic platforms, just for fun.


(click the image below)

Adventures in Unemployment

Hello world!

Chances are, if you’re seeing this, you met me at a con or heard me on a podcast, and wanted to know more about who I am and what I do.

I’m currently creating a weekly webcomic called Damn Heroes.

Feel free to check that out at

What else?

I’m currently revamping my social profile, so you might see a bit of saw dust all over the place. Best way to learn more is to visit my Patreon (ASAP) or visit Wayward Raven to see where I’ll be with them.